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Handgun Selections for Women

Selecting a personal-defense gun is a very subjective thing.

How to Build Your Self-Defense & CCW Skills

Never stop reaching for the next level in your quest for self-improvement.

I Carry Spotlight: Ruger LCP II

This week, we're dedicating a special Spotlight episode to the Ruger LCP II, one of...

Range Review: F4 Defense SF-10

A short-action rifle that weighs and feels the same as an AR-15? Check out what...

Shooting Stance: What's Right for You?

Confused about the proper pistol-shooting stance? Check out our breakdown here.

Lone Star Medics Launches 'Operation Analeptic' Medical Training

The Lone Star Medics "Operation Analeptic" training event focuses on applying tactical medical skills during...

Personal-Defense Skill-Building: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

An experience at a recent training event led one Shooting Illustrated contributor to reflect on...

OODA Loop: Decision-Making in Personal Defense

You are taking a personal-defense class and your instructor keeps referring to something called the...

Concealed-Carry for Beginners: Tips for Continued Training

Getting your concealed-carry permit is a great start in your self-defense journey, but it is...

Personal-Defense Training: Armed Movement in Structures

Generally, armed movement inside a structure where a threat is present is a bad idea....