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Pump vs. Semi: Which Shotgun is Better for Personal Defense?

When it comes to personal defense, which is better: a pump or semi-auto shotgun? 

20 States Now Have Constitutional Carry

Tennessee joined 19 other states that allow constitutional carry when Gov. Bill Lee signed Senate Bill 765/House Bill 786 into law earlier this month.

Review: Taurus G3 9 mm Pistol

Taurus’ new G3 pistol is literally an outgrowth of its popular, little G2.

Defensive Shooting Stances in the Real World

We all know what shooting stances are popular on the square range, but how does that translate into actual defensive shooting? Sheriff Jim explains.

Dapper & Deadly: The Life of FBI Special Agent Jelly Bryce

From his reputation as a dapper dresser, to his impressive marksmanship and fast-draw skills, Jacob Adolphus “Jelly” Bryce became larger- than-life as a special agent with the newly founded Bureau of Investigation.

Surviving Animal Attacks: Get a Shotgun

What’s the best method of deterring four-legged interlopers? Well, as I'm the Shotguns editor for Shooting Illustrated, you can probably guess my answer.

Kentucky Passes Constitutional Carry

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin signed constitutional carry into law this week, making Kentucky the 16th state in the country to allow permitless concealed carry.

Oklahoma Police Department Picks RISE Armament Rifles

The special-operations team of the Broken Arrow, OK, police department selected RISE Armament's LE-focused rifle for its go-to duty long arm.

Revolver Malfunctions: Tips & Troubleshooting

What can make a revolver malfunction? Revolvers, like any other machine, are susceptible to a number of scenarios. Here are a couple potential causes for your revolver malfunctions and how to fix them.

Rise Armament Expands Manufacturing Facility

Rise Armament, a manufacturer of AR-15s and AR components, recently completed an expansion of its Oklahoma facility.

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