Alliance Outdoor Group Acquires Stealth Project

Alliance Outdoor Group (AOG), based in Lakeville, MN, has acquired Stealth Project, a Minnesota-based company that has invested 15 years in research and development of advanced suppressors.

Federal Ammo Support of Injured Veterans Approaches $250,000

Since 2011, Federal Ammunition has supported Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and the nonprofit’s free programs and services through an annual contribution to the Minnesota Wounded Warrior Charity Golf event.

Magtech Recalls Lot of 5.56 NATO Ammo

Magtech, one of the most-popular brands of centerfire rifle and pistol ammo in the U.S., announced a recall of a certain lot of 5.56 NATO ammunition. Check to see if your Magtech ammo matches this lot.

Shooting Drills With the CTS DIY Plate Rack

For years, steel plate racks have been large, expensive target setups out of the reach of normal shooters. With the CTS DIY Plate Rack, all that's changed.

MN Highway Patrol Adopts SIG Sauer Romeo4H

SIG Sauer's line of electro-optics is gaining renewed attention, thanks to the Minnesota State Highway Patrol's decision to add the Romeo4H to their duty rifles.

Range Review: Savage Arms MSR-15 Recon LRP

Designed for easy, 1,000-yard shooting straight from the box, the Savage Arms MSR-15 Recon LRP takes advantage of Federal Premium's new 224 Valkyrie round.

First Look: 429 DE Pistol Cartridge

Built for use in the world-famous Desert Eagle, Magnum Research announced the launch of its all-new 429 DE pistol cartridge.

Self-Defense Against a Knife: Tips & Tactics From an Expert

If you think having a gun means you’ll definitely win in a fight against a knife-wielding assailant, think again. Here are some things to consider when planning for self-defense.

Tactical Expressions: Offering AR-Style Rifle Customization

With a number of color and other personalization options, Tactical Expressions gives AR-15 owners an opportunity to customize their favorite rifle.

Firearm Industry's Economic Impact Increases in 2017

With NICS background check numbers staying strong through 2017, the overall economic impact of the firearm industry continued to rise.

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