First Look: New DeSantis Holsters for the SIG P365

The SIG Sauer P365 is one of the most popular defensive pistols on the market today. Now DeSantis Holsters is rolling out new models for SIG P365 pistols equipped with a SureFire XSC weapon light.

I Carry: Mossberg MC2c Pistol in a DeSantis Holster

Today's "I Carry" episode features a compact pistol you might have overlooked along with some gear for it.

First Look: DeSantis Holsters for Mossberg MC2C

For almost fifty years, DeSantis has been developing, designing and manufacturing well-made and practical gun holsters. Now they are rolling out new versions of select holsters to accommodate the new Mossberg MC2C pistol.

20 Solid DeSantis Holsters for the SIG Sauer P365

In 2018, DeSantis developed 20 new holster fits for the SIG Sauer P365 micro-compact handgun. Which of the company's rigs are right for you? Find out in this roundup.

DeSantis Unveils S&W M&P380 Shield EZ Holsters

In the first quarter of 2018, DeSantis Gunhide released a number of holsters fit for the Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ.

Announcing New Kimber Fit For DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Holster

DeSantis Gunhide, a division of HELGEN Industries Inc., introduces its latest fit for the Thumb Break Mini Slide - Kimber Solo 9mm!


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