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The .450 SMC: A Potent & Practical Defensive Cartridge

Sometimes the modification of cartridges can lead to evolutionary improvements. Here's the story behind the...

Reloading Tips From an Expert

Advice from someone who loads ammunition for the commercial market can be sage-level wisdom, indeed.

.45 ACP DoubleTap 160-grain Barnes TAC-XP (Mann Load)

How does the author's requested load, based on a +P offering, perform?

.45 ACP +P DoubleTap 160-grain Barnes TAC-XP

A suggestion at SHOT Show led DoubleTap to double-time design and production of this optimal...

New Life for the .380 ACP

It may be only three-quarters the size of a .45 ACP, but the tough little...

9 mm DoubleTap 80-grain TAC-XP

Designed for use in compact pistols, this load still manages to pack a big punch.

DoubleTap Ammunition

When companies start advertising in magazines, they often provide product samples hoping for some positive...