Fightin' Iron: The History of the Combat Commander

Even great military service pistols go though a form of evolution.

The M2 Carbine

Designed in the closing days of World War II, the M1 Garand’s little brother had a full-automatic option.

Fightin' Iron: How the H-34 Helicopter Changed the Face of Combat

Perhaps the single greatest tool in the Marine Corps has a blade—a rotor blade.

Classic Guns: Beretta BM59

While it may look like an M14, Italy’s first 7.62 NATO-chambered Beretta BM59 had a genesis of its own.

The Military Sidearm: Its History & Necessity

There was a time when a military sidearm was considered more than just a pistol, and today's modern warfighters can still find a use for a solid fightin' pistol.

Classic Guns: The FN-49

The FAL might be the “right arm of the free world,” but there was an FN design before it. Here's a look at the FN-49.

The Origin of the Commander-Size 1911

Created in response to a possible military contract, the Commander-size 1911 found a home on the civilian market and continues to be popular to this day.

Fightin' Iron: CIA Operative Tony Poe

If anyone ever deserved the wallet from the film “Pulp Fiction,” it would be Tony Poe, who spent decades working as an operative for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Classic Guns: Beretta BM59 Battle Rifle

While it may look like an M14, Italy’s first 7.62 NATO-chambered Beretta BM59 battle rifle had a genesis of its own.

Review: Mitchell’s Mausers PPS50/22 Rifle

Firearm enthusiasts and shooters have a lot to think about these days. An uncertain political climate and the current economic crisis continue to spark record sales of guns, ammunition and reloading components.

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