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Everyday Carry Essentials In Addition to a Firearm

Here are three must-have daily-carry items to consider having on your person whenever you venture...

New for 2020: Black Aces Tactical Pro Series L Lever Action

From the tactical shotgun specialist, Black Aces Tactical, comes another innovative combat/defensive shotgun, but this...

Origin of Species: Winchester's Model 1897 Shotgun

Winchester’s pump-action Model 1897 might be where it all began for the pump-action defensive shotgun.

Fixing the 'Click!': Common Shotgun Malfunctions & Solutions

Even the mighty shotgun can occasionally be problematic. Here are three common maladies and suggestions...

The Golden Age of Tactical Shotguns

We may just be seeing the perfect storm for the evolution of the defensive scattergun.

Muzzle-Energy Math: Comparing Shotgun Gauges for Home Defense

We were told there would be no math involved, but here it is.

Interview with Scott Jedlinski of Modern Samurai Project

We take a few moments for some Q & A with the man who runs...

Personal-Protection Practices: Does It Work for You?

Does your personal-protection setup work for you? Are you making the right self-defense choices for...

Shotgun Trigger Jobs: Products & Tips

If you’re disappointed with the trigger on your shotgun, there are steps that can be...

Single-Handed Shooting: Why Practice It?

If available evidence suggests that people continue fighting with an injured primary hand, why practice...