I Carry: Walther CCP in a DeSantis Inner Piece 2.0 Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Walther CCP M2 in a DeSantis holster, along with other essential EDC gear.

First Look: DeSantis Inner Piece 2.0 Holster

With a growing number of concealed-carry holders enjoying the benefits of appendix carry, DeSantis Gunhide rolled out a 2.0 model of its Inner Piece design.

Springfield XD45

A close look at the new XD45 pistol reveals a frame-mounted manual safety with a location and configuration that should be quite familiar to many handgun enthusiasts. Located at the rear of the frame and requiring a downward sweep to disengage, the XD45's ambidextrous safety is in fact configured much like the venerable 1911.


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