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3 Self-Defense Opinions That Don't Hold Water

Too often, Sheriff Jim hears these three claims in the personal-defense community. Here's why you...

Off-Hand Practice: An Easy Way to Improve Your Shooting

Want to shoot better? Build your handgun-shooting skills by training with your support hand.

Fix Your Flinch: Tips for Curing Anticipation When Shooting

You are an experienced shooter, having moved up the ranks to mid- to upper-level classifications...

Resolve to Improve Your Self-Defense Skills

Sheriff Jim is practicing a few New Years Resolutions to improve his self-defense skills. Are...

Benefits of Shooting with Your Off Hand

Want to improve your shooting? Try using your off hand.

Improving Marksmanship: Call Your Shots

Recently, while listening in on a conversation regarding shooting, the guy who seemed to have...

Lights, Sights and Lasers on Firearms

Mastering your gun-mounted devices can give you the tactical advantage.

Kathy Jackson's Instructor Development Course Review

Teaching new shooters is a critical duty, so getting those instructors the best education possible...

The FN "Expert"

FN America launches the FN "Expert," technology that enables comprehensive basic marksmanship skills

Short on Ammo, Long on Time, Part I

Even when you can't get to the range, even when you don't feel like dry-firing...

Laser Training Devices for Better Practice

Are they gimmicks or gear good enough to improve your shooting?