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Snubbie Ballistics: .38 Special vs. .357 Magnum

Is a .357 Magnum fired from a snubnose revolver really no different a standard .38...

Review: Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911

The Springfield Armory Range Officer 1911 is well-suited to high-volume shooters.

Review: Wilson Combat Hackathorn Special 1911

Renowned firearms trainer Ken Hackathorn and Wilson Combat teamed up to produce the Hackathorn Special...

Review: Springfield Armory XD Mod.2

With the Springfield Armory XD Mod.2, the company went back to the drawing board with...

Disabled But Not Defenseless

Constitution Arms’ first foray into the firearm market gives those with physical disabilities the freedom...

Springfield Armory Range Officer Pistol

Springfield’s new 1911 is well-suited to high-volume shooters.

Ruger SR-556 Takedown

Ruger’s latest addition to its piston-driven AR line is a takedown model that provides quick...

Magpul PMag15 Glock 19 Magazine

Magpul releases the company's long-awaited 15-round magazine for the Glock 19.

Advanced Munitions International, LLC Announces $553.6 Million Expansion In Tennessee

Advanced Munitions International, LLC (AMI) announces a $553.6 million expansion project in Tennessee.

HPR .300 AAC Blackout 150-grain SP

For increased expansion and lighter recoil, HPR offers a mid-weight .300 AAC Blackout round between...

HPR .300 AAC Blackout 110-grain FMJ

Fan of .300 AAC Blackout? HPR Ammunition has you covered.

HPR Ammunition Black Ops .223 Rem. 62-Grain OTF

HPR's Black Ops line of quality defensive ammunition includes a 62-grain .223 Rem. option.

HPR .308 Win. Match Ammunition

HPR offers match-grade .308 Win. ammunition for your long-range needs.

HPR 125-Grain .38 Spl. Ammunition

HPR offers its .38 Spl. ammo in several configurations including this 125-grain TMJ.

HPR Black Ops 9 mm and .45 ACP Ammunition

With special packaging to showcase the rounds, HPR's Black Ops line of defensive ammo looks...


If you’re looking for a concealed carry sidearm, this isn’t it. If it's something fun...

HPR 158-Grain .38 Spl. Ammunition

HPR's line of HyperClean ammunition now includes a 158-grain .38 Spl. offering for wheelgun fans.

Wilson Combat Hackathorn Special

Renowned firearms trainer Ken Hackathorn and Wilson Combat combine their talents and knowledge to offer...

Springfield Armory XD Mod.2

Your hand has different contours and contact points. Shouldn't your pistol's grip, as well?

HPR 90-Grain .380 ACP JHP Ammunition

HPR offers fodder for your favorite pocket pistol, even the micro-.380 ACP.
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