Review: Heckler & Koch HK416 Rimfire

Whether for training or just an all-around cool rifle you can afford, HK’s rimfire 416 is worth a look.

Rimfire Roundup: Guns, Gear and Ammo for .22 LR Fun

If you thought the days of cheap .22 LR fun were behind you, guess again. There’s still plenty of inexpensive enjoyment to be had with rimfire firearms.

39 New Rifles & Carbines for 2019

Modern sporting rifles, bolt-action precision rifles and rimfire options abound in this year's New Rifles guide. Check out 39 of the newest guns to hit the market in 2019 here.

New .22 LR Guns for 2019

Since .22 LR has been back on the shelves for a while now, manufacturers are rolling out innovative new options chambered for this classic, inexpensive rimfire round.

First Look: MFT Extreme Duty AR-15 Magazines

To handle the wear and abuse often heaped upon AR-15 magazines, Mission First Tactical launched its new Extreme Duty line of mags.

French Defense Ministry Orders Hornady Rapid Rack

Hornady will supply 90,000 of its Rapid Rack chamber load-assist devices to the French military, enabling them to load their rifles quickly while keeping a round out of the chamber.

U.S. Marine Corps Chooses Leupold Riflescopes

Atop the Marine Corp's new M38 Squad-Designated Marksman Rifle is the Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T riflescope

Shooting Illustrated's 2018 Golden Bullseye Awards

The votes are in, and the winners of the 2018 Golden Bullseye Award from Shooting Illustrated are...

Molon Labe Industries Announces New Magazines for the AR Platform Rifle

Molon Labe Industries announced that it will soon begin manufacturing magazines for the AR rifle platform.

Gemtech G5

See how this 5.56 NATO suppressor with an innovative mounting system fared in testing.

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