Review: StrikeHold Gun Cleaner, Lubricant, and Protectant

Keeping your firearm in fine working order means using gun cleaners and lubricants that are designed to perform in the harshest conditions. Bob Boyd reviews StrikeHold, one of the best options on the market.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered.

2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts $22 to $39.99

Looking for the perfect gift for the firearm enthusiast in your life? We’ve got you covered.

The Ultimate 2019 Tactical Holiday Gift Guide

Over the last year, Shooting Illustrated staffers have gotten ahold of some of this year's best gear to put together this ultimate holiday gift guide. Check out these great items and companies to find that perfect gift.

2019 Tactical Gift Guide: 7 Must-Have Shop Tools & Accessories

Looking for the perfect tool or accessory for your firearm tinkerer this holiday season? Check out these seven great options.

First Look: RamRodz 5.56 NATO Barrel and Breech Cleaners

Purpose-built for cleaning the hard-to-reach breech and barrels in 5.56 NATO AR-15, the latest product from RamRodz is a must-have in any cleaning kit.

First Look: Solvent Kleene D-Greeze Gun Cleaner

Keep your guns in pristine shape with the D-Greeze gun cleaner available from Solvent Kleene.

First Look: Birchwood Casey Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mat

Need a clean, durable surface to clean your guns on? Check out the new Birchwood Casey Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mat.

In-Hand Review: Hoppe's Universal Gun-Cleaning Kit

Hoppe's Universal Gun Essentials Cleaning Kit allows owners to clean every kind of gun they own, all in one easy package.

Hoppes Releases New Black Gun Cleaner

The new gun cleaner line from Hoppe's is designed for AR-15s and other tactical rifles.

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