Medical EDC: Critical Gear You Should Carry

Realistically, all you need in a micro-IFAK is a tourniquet, properly staged on a carrier, an absorbent bandage such as an Israeli battle bandage or Cederroth Bloodstopper, a pack of QuikClot Combat Gauze, a pair of gloves and a Hyfin Chest Seal.

Permit-Holder Hero Who Saved Chicago Cop Remains Anonymous

A licensed concealed-carry permit holder in Chicago who thwarted a crook's attack on a Chicago police officer is remaining anonymous for the time being.

FBI Report Highlights Effectiveness of Concealed Carry

The FBI's newly released report, "Active Shooter Incidents in the United States in 2016 and 2017" highlights a growing trend of armed citizens effectively stopping threats.

The Benefits of a Backup Gun

A backup gun can become a life-saving primary in certain scenarios. Here are the benefits of carrying a secondary pistol.

The Second-Gun Advantage

A backup gun can become a life-saving primary.

Lumenyte ESD

This bright, portable and weather-resistant unit combines everything needed to allow law enforcement to identify your safe-room location once they arrive.


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