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Pros & Cons of Different Color Combinations on Handguns

Non-traditional, brightly colored guns just may not be the end of the world.

The Benefits of Force-on-Force Training

For the most-realistic training experience possible, try force-on-force training.

LAPD Chooses Speer G2 for Duty Ammo

For use in its 9 mm and .40 S&W duty sidearms, the Los Angeles Police...

Overcoming Threat-Fixation & Tunnel Vision

Fixation on a threat is natural, but it needs to be overcome immediately to survive...

Single-Handed Shooting: Why Practice It?

If available evidence suggests that people continue fighting with an injured primary hand, why practice...

Semi-Auto Trigger Tech: DA/SA to Striker-Fired

The move from double-action revolvers to semi-automatic pistols triggered a series of developments in the...

Skills Check: Gunsite Academy 499 Drill

Learning how to run Gunsite Academy's 499 course drill can help you make the defensive...

Personal-Defense Training: Armed Movement in Structures

Generally, armed movement inside a structure where a threat is present is a bad idea....

Is Appendix Carry Right For You?

Keeping your gun close at hand in appendix-carry position is starting to make a lot...

Fight Smart: Tips & Tactics for the Armed Citizen

Sometimes, if you just use your head, you don’t have to resort to other tools....

First Look: SIG Sauer X-Five ASP Air Pistol

SIG Sauer expanded its CO2-powered air pistol lineup in 2018, providing the all-new X-Five ASP...

Glock MOS Pistols

Glock is embracing the trend toward red-dot sights by offering pistols pre-milled to mount them.

Force-on-Force Training

“The Force” may be with you, but in an armed encounter, what you really need...

Work Hard, Play Hard

Ultra-modern indoor ranges may be quickly spreading across the nation, but there’s another breed of...

Well, There's That!

Be sure to evaluate *all* of your options when undertaking defensive scenarios.

Don't Overlook the Obvious

Think through your defensive plan carefully. It just might save your life.

Shotgun Drills

Practice these steps to become a better shotgunner, whether for self-defense or practical sport.

Phoenix RBT Solutions Announces New Non-Lethal Training Ammuntion Helmet and Portable TG FACILITY

Unique NLTA Helmet Eliminates Fogging During Reality-Based Training While Maintaining 180-Degree Visibility for the User...