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Handgun Permit Requests Overwhelming NC Officials

Handgun permit requests have increased significantly in North Carolina, overwhelming Sheriff's offices.

How to Train at Home with SOB Tactical

You might not be able to get out for training for a while. Here’s something...

Subguns in Vietnam: My Experience With the Madsen M50

There’s more to Denmark than Legos, pastry and big dogs. Wiley Clapp got his hands...

Range Review: Charter Arms 3-Inch Mag Pug Revolver

Now available with a 3-inch barrel, the Charter Arms Mag Pug is the latest offering...

Fight-Ready Fitness: Staying in Shape for Self-Defense

Being prepared to defend yourself involves a lot more than proficiency with a firearm. Are...

What Women Want in Guns & Firearm Training

Women are joining the ranks of shooters in ever-increasing numbers, but what can be done...

Chuck Norris Named Glock Spokesman

Chuck Norris doesn't carry a Glock. Glock carries a Chuck Norris.

Hollywood Gun-Handling: Don't Believe What You See

As shocking as it may be to hear, what you see on television and in...