First Steps in Sport Shooting and Personal Defense

You have a good job, are just starting to get established in life and are considering exploring shooting for recreation and perhaps personal defense.

Skill and Confidence: Developing Both Elements for Self-Defense

Performing a task well is important, but equally important is having the intestinal fortitude to face the task in the first place.

Range Review: Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2

Though it looks like just a standard, service-grade gun, the Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 is anything but.

Workplace CCW: Tips for Personal Defense on the Job

Many variables factor into the decision to carry a concealed firearm. One that needs to be taken quite seriously is not just how, but even if, one should carry at work—which may not be the most gun-friendly environment even if carry is allowed.

Dealing With Danger: Desensitization and Decision-Making

Properly desensitizing yourself to things that could be perceived as an active threat allows you to respond quicker to danger.

7 NRA Carry Guard Expo Workshops You Need to Try

Want to build your self-defense and preparedness skills? Here are seven workshops available to attendees at the NRA Carry Guard Expo you won't want to miss.

Testing a New Concealed-Carry Gun: 3 Steps to Success

Should you choose a new concealed-carry gun with a different fire-control system, take your time in making the swap to complete your transition.

First-Time AR-15 Outing: Shooting Drills & Techniques

After pulling your AR-15 out of the box and checking it over, it's time to head to the range. Here are a few tips and drills designed to help you get you rifle-ready.

The Causes of a Negligent Discharge

A negligent discharge is one of the most dangerous occurrences in the firearm world. How can we avoid them in the first place? A good first step is to be aware of the potential causes.

3 Essential First Steps for a New Gun Owner

If you're a brand-new gun owner, how do you familiarize yourself with your new purchase and safely handle the handgun? Here are a few first steps that will help with familiarization.

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