Why You Should Test Your Ammo

Most gun owners will test ammunition to ensure it works in a handgun, but how often is terminal performance checked?

Is The Glaser Safety Slug Good for Self Defense?

Glaser’s interesting Safety Slug is still available, but is it viable? Richard Mann takes a look at the Glaser Safety Slug and data related to its use.

All About the 10 mm Auto Round

Shooting Illustrated Ammo editor Richard Mann gives an overview of the 10 mm Auto.

First Look: Federal Punch Ammunition

New from Federal Ammunition is Punch, a defensive handgun round that is tailored to each specific caliber.

Handgun Bullet Behavior: Why Velocity Matters

The competition for the best-balanced defensive ammo is a race to the middle.

9mm Resurgence: Why the FBI & Police Went Back

Think today’s 9mm doesn’t possess sufficient terminal performance for use by the FBI, law enforcement and citizens for personal defense? Guess again.

The .450 SMC: A Potent & Practical Defensive Cartridge

Sometimes the modification of cartridges can lead to evolutionary improvements. Here's the story behind the development of the .450 SMC, one of the most-potent .45-caliber handgun cartridges on the market.

Review: Browning Handgun Ammo

A new player in the ammunition world is perhaps the most familiar name in the firearm market. But, how does Browning fare in the handgun-ammo sphere?

Dummy Rounds: Safe & Effective Training Tools

Believe it or not, you can learn a lot by using inert dummy rounds in your regular training routine. Here are some training tips.

Dispelling Myths: Barrel Length vs. Velocity

So you think a handgun with a slightly longer barrel than another will always generate greater muzzle velocity? Guess again.

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