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How to Make Your Home a Hard Target

One of the best home defense strategies we can employ is hardening our home to ensure that it's not an easy target for criminal behavior.

Avoidance: The Best Strategy for the Armed Citizen

For those who carry a gun for personal defense, it's worth keeping in mind that the best fight is the one you never have. Here are some tips on conflict-avoidance from the Sheriff.

Stealth & The Home-Defense Shotgun

Something rarely discussed in a home-defense plan is the need to be quiet.

Self-Defense Strategies: Using a Knife or Pistol With One Hand

In a defensive scenario, your support hand may not be available for fighting. Whether you are forced to use a firearm or a knife, the fundamentals are similar, and learning them might save your life.

Fight Smart: Tips & Tactics for the Armed Citizen

Sometimes, if you just use your head, you don’t have to resort to other tools. Sheriff Jim covers the benefits of fight avoidance and the benefits of a secure defensive position for the armed citizen.

Must-Know Tips for Home Defense

If your home is invaded and your family threatened, you need to be prepared. Check out our top home defense tips.

Harden Your Home

Your home may be your castle, but it's susceptible to invasion. Although your homeowners association probably frowns on moats, there are some security measures you can take to keep modern-day barbarians from coming over the walls.

House Clearing

While your home may be your castle, trying to clear it when you suspect a criminal has breached the walls is a less-than-optimal proposition.

Spoiling A Home Invasion

Having a plan and the will to defend yourself and your family is a very good thing.

The Reality of it All

The self-defense scenario in your mind is unlikely to reflect reality. Here are some ideas on how to make it closer to the truth.

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