First Look: DeSantis Cozy Partner Holster for Springfield Armory Hellcat

DeSantis recently introduced a new holster fit in the Cozy Partner for two models of the Springfield Armory Hellcat.

I Carry: Beretta APX Carry in DeSantis Cozy Partner Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at the Beretta APX Carry in a DeSantis Cozy Partner holster.

I Carry: Walther CCP M2 in a DeSantis Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Walther Arms CCP M2 in a DeSantis holster, along with a few other essential pieces of EDC gear.

20 Solid DeSantis Holsters for the SIG Sauer P365

In 2018, DeSantis developed 20 new holster fits for the SIG Sauer P365 micro-compact handgun. Which of the company's rigs are right for you? Find out in this roundup.

Charter Arms .44 Spl. Boomer Revolver

Charter’s .44 Spl. Boomer strips down to the essence of self-defense.

DeSantis Announces New Holster Fits For The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

DeSantis Gunhide introduces nine new holster products and availabilities for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.

Inside the Waistband Holsters

Part III of Richard Mann's look at concealed carry options will tell you everything you need to know about inside-the-waistband holsters.

Concealed Carry Clothing

Though a few jurisdictions allow open carry, most specifically require carry permit holders to keep their guns concealed. I have been carrying concealed for almost 20 years; initially because I was a cop, and now because I think it prudent. I've learned a few things along the way.


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