Review: Coonan MOT-45

While it may not boast a magnum chambering, Coonan enthusiasts are sure to acknowledge this intriguing .45 ACP MOT model, which pairs all the features fans have come to expect from the brand with a milder chambering.

63 Brand-New Handguns Released in 2018

Handgun manufacturers stepped it up in 2018, flooding the market with a host of new options, from 1911s to revolvers to today's latest concealed-carry guns. See which of these belong in your collection.

Review: Magnum Research Desert Eagle L5 in .357 Mag.

Only in the world of the Desert Eagle is a 50-ounce firearm the “lightweight” variant, but the L5 model from Magnum Research still packs a punch in .357 Mag.

12 Hard-Hitting 10mm Handguns Available Today

With the 10mm cartridge coming back into vogue in recent years, a number of options are available for fans of this once-obscure powerhouse cartridge. Here are 12 great options on the market.

18 All-New 1911 Pistols for 2018

The 1911 continues to be a popular pistol design, and manufacturers developed new twists on this classic platform for 2018.

Review: Coonan Compact .357 Mag. Pistol

Most guys in college spend their time arguing over girls, the best parties and who pulled off the latest practical joke. Fortunately, Dan Coonan’s recurring higher-education debate pitted his long-term love affair with the 1911 and its chambering against his roommate’s insistence a .357 Mag. revolver was more formidable.

Review: Hi-Point C-9 Home Security Pack

A Hi-Point C-9 pistol, magazine and locking steel case for around $200? This is one deal that might not be too good to be true.

New 1911 Pistols for 2017

The 1911 pistol has been developed and improved upon in many different ways since its introduction more than a century ago. Here are some new models for 2017.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle L5 .357 Mag.

Only in the world of the Desert Eagle is a 50-ounce firearm the “lightweight” variant.

Coonan Introduces New 1911 .45 ACP Pistol

Coonan Inc., known for its unique 1911 chambered in .357 Mag., introduces a new class of 1911 chambered in .45 ACP.

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