All About the 10 mm Auto Round

Shooting Illustrated Ammo editor Richard Mann gives an overview of the 10 mm Auto.

10mm vs. .40 S&W: Similarities, Differences and Uses

Both the 10mm and the .40 S&W use a .40-caliber projectile and were developed around the same time, but there are big differences between the two. Here's the rundown.

Review: Colt Delta Elite 10mm

Capable of firing the potent 10mm cartridge, Colt’s redesigned Delta Elite pistol is better than ever.

12 Hard-Hitting 10mm Handguns Available Today

With the 10mm cartridge coming back into vogue in recent years, a number of options are available for fans of this once-obscure powerhouse cartridge. Here are 12 great options on the market.

Review: Colt Delta Elite 10 mm Pistol

Capable of firing the potent 10 mm cartridge, Colt’s latest iteration of its Delta Elite pistol is better than ever.

Colt Unveils Delta Elite Rail Gun in 10 mm

Colt's Delta Elite line, chambered in the powerful 10 mm, is now available with an accessory rail.

In Defense of the 10 mm

A recovering 10 mm addict backslides—just a little.

Nifty 1911 Conversions

What's the only thing better than owning a 1911? Owning one that reliably digests more than one chambering.


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