6 Best Self Defense Handgun Training Drills

What’s the best drill to prepare you to shoot defensively? That could be argued endlessly. Here's a look at the 6 best self-defense handgun training drills you can implement today.

Nighthawk Custom Thunder Ranch Combat Special

Designed with input from one of the nation’s renowned firearm instructors, this purpose-built 1911 is ideal for everyday personal protection.

Range Review: Mossberg 930 Thunder Ranch Shotgun

The shotgun still has a place in your home-defense toolkit, and the Mossberg 930 Thunder Ranch is a great option to fill that need.

How to Make Your Home a Hard Target

One of the best home defense strategies we can employ is hardening our home to ensure that it's not an easy target for criminal behavior.

Review: Colt King Cobra

Sometimes the snake is the charmer. The Colt King Cobra returns to the market, and it's better than ever.

Review: Kimber K6s

The Kimber K6s breathes new life into the revolver game, presenting a six-shot .357 Mag. wheelgun scarcely larger than many five-shot competitors.

Self-Defense Advice: Consider Your Sources

Best practices for personal defense are often hotly debated, and its good that people discuss the topic. However, bad advice is rampant across forums and blogs. Be mindful of your sources.

Double-Barrel Shotguns: Tips for Home-Defense Use

Having only two shots at the ready means you really need to practice and make the most of them.

Home-Defense Shotgun Handling: Advice from the Experts

Simply keeping a home-defense shotgun under your bed isn’t a plan. You must know how to use it. Here's some expert advice from top professionals in the self-defense industry.

I Carry: Les Baer 1911 in an Alfonso's Pancake Holster

In this week's episode of "I Carry," we look at using a Les Baer 1911 inside an Alfonso's of Hollywood leather holster, along with a few other essential pieces of EDC gear.

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