First Look: SilencerCo AR-15 Lower Receiver

SilencerCo just introduced its newest product line with a billet aluminum AR-15 lower receiver.

Virginia Capitol Police Choose SIG Sauer P320

Joining the ranks of many law-enforcement agencies across the country, the Virginia Capitol Police selected the SIG Sauer P320 as its sidearm in 2018.

Starline Brass Holiday Giveaway Aids Veterans

The Holiday Giveaway sponsored by Starline Brass gives consumers a chance to win a reloading package while helping out military veterans.

The Legion

It is amazing how often history plays its little ironic tricks on us. A defeat is when someone gets his ass beat, which is never a good thing when you’re supplying the derrière in question.

Milestone: Army Ends Its Morse Code Training

Marking what indeed stands as a significant milestone in military training and communications, the U.S. Army’s 304th Military Intelligence Battalion announced this week it is ending its Morse code training at

 Fort Huachuca, AZ.

GE Capital Ends Financing for Gun Retailers

The financial unit of General Electric cuts off financing for gun shops, but the decision is unlikely to have a major impact on consumers or the firearm industry.

Missouri Governor Signs "Laundry List" Gun Measure

It took multiple years, two hard-fought election cycles, and culminated with the overriding of a gubernatorial veto in 2003, so Missourians are anything but complacent when it comes to their right to carry concealed for personal protection.

Major Jim Land Wins Taurus 2011 Defender of Freedom Award

At the ring of the first bell at SHOT Show today Bob Morrison, President and CEO of Taurus International, announces Jim Land as the 2011 Taurus Defender of Freedom Award recipient.

Ruger Mini 14 Ranch Rifle

Ruger has continued to broaden the Mini-14's appeal through the years with specific models that meet more and more shooters' preferences. Today, regular-production Minis are available in seven distinct variations.

Bullpup Battle

Associate Editor Ed Friedman, a man with no combat experience whatsoever, tries to argue for the bullpup-style rifle against grizzled SOF veteran and Rifles Editor Steve Adelmann. You pick the winner…


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