.40 S&W ammunition, pistol slide, barrel and magazine

How to Convert a 9 mm Handgun to .40 S&W

I remember well when the .40 S&W was the rage and everybody in the industry was clamoring to get a gun chambered for that round on the market.

CCW Training: Are We Practicing the Wrong Skills?

With a critical mass of shooting footage now available for examination, it's becoming clearer that maybe we’ve been studying the wrong things.

Surviving an Attack: Stay Calm & Take Care of Business

How do you survive an attack or a gunfight? Lessons learned long ago point modern armed shooters in the right direction, as Sheriff Jim explains.

Personal-Defense Training: Armed Movement in Structures

Generally, armed movement inside a structure where a threat is present is a bad idea. However, there are potential scenarios where it might be necessary. Here's one course that provides the training needed.

Drop Your Gun at the Range? Let It Fall.

Despite recent incidents regarding dropped handguns, the best practice for dealing with a dropped pistol is to just let it fall. Sheriff Jim explains.

Will You 'Get Killed on the Streets?' Personal-Defense Myths Debunked

People tend to form opinions on many things that just aren’t based on fact. The latest in these myths are the laundry list of practices that, in the words of many, will "get you killed on the streets."


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