9 Common Questions New Shooters Ask

Here's a look at some of the most common questions new shooters tend to ask.

Which Type of Body Armor is Right for You?

Body armor comes in many sizes, shapes and protective levels. Learn what type is best for you with this primer on bullet-resistant gear.

First Look: Premium Body Armor Ballistic Panel for Eberlestock P5 Switchblade Pack

Premier Body Armor has teamed up with Eberlestock to build a ballistic panel for the P5 Switchback pack.

First Look: New Galco Holster Handbags

Galco recently launched several new holster handbags for off-body carry that are an option for personal defense.

Cordova Named Official NRA-Licensed Cooler

Keep your drinks ice-cold while representing your Second Amendment pride. Invest in Cordova Coolers, now the official licensed cooler of the National Rifle Association.

Review: Midland Arms Backpack Shotgun

Priced well within anyone’s budget, the Midland Arms Backpack is a shotgun loaded with utilitarian features.

SHOT Show 2017: Highlights from Day Three

Shooting Illustrated is on the ground at the biggest outdoor industry trades show of the year, and we're continuing to bring the highlights straight to you.

Flying Circle Brazos Concealed Carry Backpack

Flying Circle launched its concealed carry backpack line with the Brazos, a fully loaded tactical backpack.

Cabela’s TLS Pack

Whether you want a backpack for everyday activities such as camping, fishing and hiking—or as a “bug-out” bag in case of a crisis—it’s vital to choose a rucksack upon which you can rely.

AmericanSnipers.Org Directly Supports U.S. Snipers & Dedicated Marksmen

They vow to support our sharpshooting family members at the front lines, no matter what.

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