Get off the x

Testing "Get Off The X" and "Tap, Rack, Roll"

"Get off the X" and "Tap, Rack, Roll" (or "Tap, Rack, Bang") are two common pistol techniques. But are they effective?

Armed Adventurer: Test Your Gear Before You Travel

SI contributor Jeff Gonzales travels a lot for work and play, and he's learned much about what works for a travel loadout. Here are a few of his thoughts.

Personal-Defense Ammo: Top Picks from the Experts

Ever wonder what loads the experts carry in their personal-defense guns? Here are some of the choices of Shooting Illustrated's editors and contributors.

Concealed-Carry Basics: Tips From a Professional

New to concealed carry? Here are some tips from a professional to help get you started in the right direction.

Modified Navy Qualification Drill

Here's a great way to train with your AR for realistic scenarios instead of from a bench.

Skills Check: Trident Concepts Modified Navy Qualification Drill

The Modified Navy Qualification Drill used by Trident Concepts is a great way to test your skills with an AR-15.


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