Review: Dan Wesson Bruin 1911 Pistol in 10 mm

Perfect for bear defense, Dan Wesson's Bruin 10 mm handgun is exactly what you'd expect from the company.

Review: Springfield Armory Ronin 10 mm

Springfield Armory’s latest addition to its Ronin line combines all the superb craftsmanship and quality that consumers expect with the potent power of the 10 mm cartridge.

66 New Handguns for 2019

From revolvers to striker-fired semi-autos to rifle-caliber pistols, the new-for-2019 handgun market has a whole lot to offer for today's gun owners. Check out the latest and greatest in our guide here.

10 New 1911s for 2019

More than a century after its release, the 1911 pistol continues to inspire. Here are 10 of the latest 1911-style handguns to hit the market.

First Look: Speer 10 mm Gold Dot Personal Protection Ammo

Speer Ammo expanded its Gold Dot defensive-ammo lineup with the addition of a new option designed for the powerful 10 mm cartridge.

12 Hard-Hitting 10mm Handguns Available Today

With the 10mm cartridge coming back into vogue in recent years, a number of options are available for fans of this once-obscure powerhouse cartridge. Here are 12 great options on the market.

New for 2018: Springfield Armory TRP 10 mm RMR

Springfield Armory partnered with Trijicon on the release of its all-new TRP 10 mm 1911, which comes equipped with an RMR reflex sight.

Is the .357 SIG Dead?

The .357 SIG emerged in the early '90s and was adopted by many law-enforcement agencies, but this high-speed cartridge has seen a decline in recent years.

First Look: Ed Brown LS10 1911 Pistol

The latest pistol from Ed Brown pairs up the long-slide 1911 platform with the powerful 10 mm cartridge.

Review: Colt Delta Elite 10 mm Pistol

Capable of firing the potent 10 mm cartridge, Colt’s latest iteration of its Delta Elite pistol is better than ever.

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