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SIG Sauer Announces TANGO6 Riflescope with LevelPlex

SIG Sauer, Inc., recently announced a new addition to the company's Electro-Optics Division.

Shot Timers – The Time Of Your Life

Adding the element of speed to your training can make a critical difference.

Magnum Research Desert Eagle L5 .357 Mag.

Only in the world of the Desert Eagle is a 50-ounce firearm the “lightweight” variant.

Good Shooting Habits

Developing good habits for defense in training is vital for the armed citizen. These habits...

CRKT's Homefront Folding Knife

The new Homefront folding knife from CRKT blends classic style with a futuristic design.

Burris XTR Tactical Signature Rings

Burris' XTR Signature Rings are now available in a tactical variant.

Peltor Sport Hearing Protection Line

Few names in the industry are as synonymous with safety as Peltor.

Cutting Edge Personal Home Defense Ammunition

We really are living in a golden age (or should it be copper?) of defensive...

Shoulder Holsters and Hip Holsters

Just because some handgun-carry methods are popular and practical doesn’t mean they’re ideal for everyone.

Standard Manufacturing Co. LLC DP-12 Shotgun

Doesn’t every shotgun enthusiast want a double-barrel, pump-action shotgun?

Steyr L9-A1

Steyr’s famous low bore axis and trapezoidal sights have generated legions of loyal fans. The...

Shooting With Corrective Lenses

We all know we must wear eye protection at the range, but when your vision...

Finishing Touches

If you’ve wondered about the durability of nitride finishes compared to more traditional coatings, you...

Lancer L30 Heavy Metal

Lancer Systems builds rifles and components using the same technology seen on the F-35 Lightning....

Brad Thor on AKs

Best-selling author Brad Thor explains why the AK and MP5, among other high-speed guns and...

Hi-Point C-9 Home Security Pack

A pistol, magazine and locking steel case for around $200? This is one deal that...

Ruger Announces the SR-556 Takedown

Ruger introduces the new Ruger SR-556 Takedown autoloading rifle, an innovative twist on an already...

Keeping It Dry: Dessicant Review

Here’s a simple and inexpensive addition you can make to your gun safe and survival...

Glock Releases Single Stack 9mm Concealed Carry–The New G43

Glock officially announces its new single-stack 9 mm subcompact, the G43 today.

Leatherman "Tread

Leatherman announces the "Tread", a wearable multi-tool.
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