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Skills Check: The 5-5-5 Drill

The 5-5-5 Drill is easy to set up—but difficult to master—and will sharpen your concealed-carry...

Skills Check: El Presidente Drill

Jeff Cooper's legendary El Presidente drill is a great way to build accuracy, power and...

Skills Check: Card-Cutting Drill

While the experts make it look easy, so-called “trick shots” are just that, but practicing...

Practicing Your Defensive Pistol Skills at Home

Gunsite Academy Instructor Ed Head walks through how to train easily at home.

Skills Check: Tips for Benchrest Shooting

Shooting a rifle off a bench is easy. Or is it?

Skills Check: Dummy Round Drills

Using inert dummy rounds can help promote greater confidence in many aspects of gun handling...

Skills Check: Playing Card Drill

Shooting exercises come in myriad types, so why shouldn’t your targets as well?

Skills Check: Building Your Skills With a Bullseye Target

Occasionally re-familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship can make you a better shooter.

Skill Building: The Bane Drill

Discover if you and your personal-defense handgun are capable of precision accuracy beyond typical self-defense...

Skills Check: Gunsite 499 Drill

Learning how to run Gunsite’s 499 course drill can help you make the defensive grade...

Skills Check: Mix Up Your Shooting Drills

Varying your shooting exercises will help prepare you for the unexpected.

Shot Timers – The Time Of Your Life

Adding the element of speed to your training can make a critical difference.

Skills Check: The Dozier Drill

History shows neutralizing multiple threats at close range is possible, but only if you’re properly...

Skills Check: The 3-Second Drill

Practice your shooting fundamentals with this straightforward yet challenging drill.

The Gunsite Advanced 350 Drill

“When you can snatch the pebble from my hand …” OK, mastering this drill will...

Skills Check: Handgun Shooting at Extended Range

Being able to determine distances in wide-open, public places could give you the upper hand...

Skills Check: Shooting At Distance

One of the nation’s most-acclaimed trainers of defensive-firearms use has changed a drill to meet...

Ruger Precision Rifle

Ruger’s new long-range option uses serious technology to update the bolt-action.

How to Use a Hand-Held Flashlight

The key piece of your defensive kit may not be your gun, but rather a...

Ruger SR-762

Ruger’s new SR-762 steps up the power of the company’s highly regarded SR-556 AR platform....
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