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How To Properly Use a Sling

Shooting with a speed sling gives you a better platform for engaging targets at distance.

Hill People Gear Heavy Recon Kit

For brief sojourns into the wild, a sturdy pack to hold all your gear is...

AmericanSnipers.Org Directly Supports U.S. Snipers & Dedicated Marksmen

They vow to support our sharpshooting family members at the front lines, no matter what.

FN America M249S Rifle

Think happiness is a belt-fed rifle? FN has just the thing.

Review: FN America M249S Rifle

Think happiness is a belt-fed rifle? FN America has just the thing in its FN...

Limited Edition Chris Kyle 1911 Legend Series TRP Pistol

Springfield Armory announces the release of 1,000 limited edition pistols.

2016 New Guns: Rifles

As more Americans buy guns for personal protection, new offerings for that expanding market abound....

Rifle Zero with Different Ammo

Keeping track of various fodder for your rifle can be a daunting, but very necessary...

Suppressor-Friendly Ammunition Round-Up

There’s a quiet revolution in ammunition these days.

MG Arms .50 BMG Behemoth

There’s a new semi-automatic .50 BMG rifle on the block, and the MG Arms Behemoth...

.300 BLK Bolt-Action Rifle Review

Who says the .300 BLK is only for AR-15-pattern rifles?

Faxon ARAK-21

There really is something else new under the sun.

Bergara BPR-17 Bolt-Action Rifle

Bergara’s first tactical production rifle hangs tough with more-established models at significantly reduced cost. It...

Second Sight

Relying solely on optics for aiming allows Mr. Murphy a golden opportunity. Adding a set...

Build Your Own Mosin-Nagant Sniper Rifle

Lipstick on a pig or a silk purse from a sow’s ear?

Magpul Announces The PRS GEN3

Magpul's fixed precision stock, the PRS, has had some upgrades performed.

Get the Most Out of Your Mosin

Can this Russian relic hold its own in today’s shooting world?

6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Build

Sometimes, a rifle shoots so well, we become emotionally attached to it. When every component...

CMP Online Auction Great Source for Vintage Firearms, Parts

Most firearms enthusiasts familiar with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) associate the organization with its...

Useful Kit

There are a lot of accessories available for your rifle. Here are some “editor’s picks”...
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