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Long Range for Dummies

You don't need $8,000 worth of gear and Navy SEAL sniper training to connect at...

The Zen of Shooting

There are primarily two reasons I fail to hit a target. The first is improper...

Eight-Shot Wheelguns

Today's higher-capacity wheelguns stay competitive with semi-automatics for many handgun applications.

Weight Shavings

Here are some tips for cutting down on your rifle's weight without sacrificing performance.

ROK Straps

Need to keep all your gear together? ROK Straps are a convenient, stable way to...

TROY Industries

TROY Greets SHOT 2015 Attendees With 35 New Products

Rand Bore & Bolt Solvent

Cleaning dirty guns is one task most shooters don't relish. Here's a cleaner that might...

Magpul Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 and Quick Reference Cards

Magpul introduces a data book and reference tables for the precision long-range shooter.

Clearing Corners

Clearing the unknown area obscured by a corner requires planning and careful technique, whether you...

Dueling Concepts

We sometimes run articles within a single issue that seem to produce opposing conclusions. There...

Well, There's That!

Be sure to evaluate *all* of your options when undertaking defensive scenarios.

Audie Murphy's .45 Colt Revolver on Public Display

A .45 Colt revolver once belonging to WWII hero Audie Murphy is on display at...

Go Figure

Only planning defensive measures when you're going to a "bad area" is like only wearing...

Stag Arms New Model 3T & 3T-M Tactical Rifles

Stag Arms introduces four new rifles to their tactical rifle product line.

A Chat With The Ladies

Off-body carry may seem like an unobtrusive method of carrying a defensive firearm, but there...

LaserLyte Reaction Tyme Training Target

Practice in the privacy of your own home without dipping into the ammo stash or...

Camo Basics

Learn how to conceal yourself from a former SOF sniper.

The 21-Foot Rule

If you are attacked from inside of 21 feet, you will have to adjust your...

Slew of New Texas Gun Laws Become Effective Sept. 1

Nine new, pro-Second Amendment laws in Texas are set to go into effect.

Sling Up

A sling is a must-have accessory for your self-defense rifle or shotgun, but you must...
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