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Maximum Effective Range for a Home-Defense Shotgun

Think you know how far your shotgun’s reach is? You might be surprised.

Pros and Cons of Using a Handgun Suppressor

A suppressor is an increasingly popular accessory for a handgun, but is still a big...

Tips for Using a Double-Barrel Shotgun for Home Defense

Having only two shots at the ready means you really need to practice and make...

How to Use a Shotgun for Home Defense

Simply keeping a shotgun under your bed isn’t a plan. You must know how to...

Eagles Quarterback Rewards Offensive Line With Beretta Shotguns

Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz rewarded the work of his offensive line by gifting each...

7 Accessories You Don't Want on Your Defensive Shotgun

Just because you can add bells and whistles to your defensive shotgun doesn’t mean you...

Discreet Storage Solutions for Your Rifle

If you want to keep a rifle handy, but discreet and safe, there are numerous...

5 Great Shotguns for Home Defense

Here are our Shotgun editor’s five “can’t miss” out-of-the-box shotguns for home defense.

Texas Jeweler Offers Firearms With Engagement Ring Purchase

Buyers who purchase an engagement ring at Thacker Jewelry in Lubbock, TX, will have their...

TriStar KRX Tactical Shotgun

Looking for an AR-15-ish platform, but in the mighty 12 gauge? TriStar has just the...

Molot VEPR 12 Shotgun

A folding-stock, box-magazine-fed, Kalashnikov-pattern, 12-gauge shotgun? Yes, please.

Useful Shotgun Drills

Practice these simple drills to stay on top of your shotgunning game.

Best Sight for Shotguns?

Is the basic bead ideal? There are myriad options for shotgun sights today, but sometimes...

Lasers and Lights on Shotguns

Adding a laser sight alone to a home-defense shotgun can help with rapid aiming, but...

Adaptive Tactical Shotgun Shell Carrier for Remington & Mossberg

Your receiver could be doing so much more… like storing six 12-gauge shells.

One-Stop Optics Shop

When SIG Sauer launched its new Electro-Optics division, it did so in grand fashion. With...

Check Your Shotgun's Zero

Don’t assume your home-defense gun’s zero is “close enough” just because it’s a shotgun. Here’s...

Blue Book of Tactical Firearms Values

Pre-order a print or online version today!

2016 New Guns: Shotguns

As more Americans buy guns for personal protection, new offerings for that expanding market abound....

Wilson Combat .308 AR

Go big or go home? Try “go best” or go home.
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