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How Much Ammo Should You Carry?

One reload may—or may not be—enough.

Long Range for Dummies

You don't need $8,000 worth of gear and Navy SEAL sniper training to connect at...

Administration Steps Back From Ammo Ban Proposal, For Now

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has shelved plans to ban common AR-15...

Springfield Armory XD Mod.2

Your hand has different contours and contact points. Shouldn't your pistol's grip, as well?

PolyCase Inceptor Firefly Tracer Ammunition

Looking to light up the range (in a safe way, of course)? PolyCase has an...

Girls & Guns

The right gun for *anyone* is the one they are most comfortable shooting and can...

Report: Women Fastest-Growing Segment of Shooting Sports

More and more women are getting into the shooting sports and hunting, and this growing...

Alexander Arms Ulfberht

Alexander Arms has reinvented the long-range rifle with its semi-automatic Ulfberht in .338 Lapua Mag....

A Little Variety in Your Practice

Practice doesn't have to be boring, and it should include components of your day-to-day life...

North American Arms Black Widow .22 WMR

The Black Widow from North American Arms proves bigger isn't always better.

Getting Good Information

Knowledge is power, and learning about situations of successful self-defense can help guide those new...

The Deadly Zone

Avoiding close-in confrontation is the best way to stay alive.

Carry at the Office

If you're lucky enough to be legally permitted to carry a concealed firearm at work,...

Virginia Firearms Sales Soar, Gun-Related Violence Sinks

Revealing new data from Virginia dispels many of the myths put forth by anti-gun organizations...

The Mental Trigger

We continue to express the importance of having a defensive plan.

The Aftermath

Get expert legal advice now, before it's too late.

Enough Gun

What is the best gun for self-defense?

When do you Carry?

If you carry concealed, do so all the time, not just when you think you...

Defensive Revolvers: Con

Now that you know the positive aspects of a double-action revolver for self-defense, here are...

NY Microstamping Requirement Scuttled

A joint New York state budget committee March 25 voted on a revised state budget...
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