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Gun Cleaning Tips & Tools from the Experts

Cleaning firearms is not at the top of the list of fun things to do,...

Skills Check: Building Your Skills With a Bullseye Target

Occasionally re-familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship can make you a better shooter.

Appendix Carry Pros and Cons

Appendix carry, like its namesake organ, isn’t useless after all.

Improving Marksmanship: Call Your Shots

Recently, while listening in on a conversation regarding shooting, the guy who seemed to have...

Useful Shotgun Drills

Practice these simple drills to stay on top of your shotgunning game.

Rise of the Basement Commando

Don’t listen to self-proclaimed experts when it comes to gear; use what works for you.

Don't Grip Your Rifle's Magazine

Watch where you place your hands on your carbine. Things aren’t always as they seem.

Proper Rifle Sight Picture

With all of the various types of sights and scopes available, keeping your rifle’s natural...

Rifle Aiming: Keeping a Proper Sight Picture

With all of the various types of sights and scopes available, keeping your rifle’s natural...

TacShield Offers New Bipods, Pouches and Cleaning Kits

TacShield’s new list of products includes a direct-to-rail mount bipod, multicam pouches, belts and universal...

Skills Check: Handgun Shooting at Extended Range

Being able to determine distances in wide-open, public places could give you the upper hand...

The Fix: Blank Canvas

You are a bullseye-pistol competitor poised to break into the NRA Expert Class, but the...

Chilling Out: Cold-Weather Gun Care

I pretty much grew up with a rifle in my hands. First it was the...

Odd Angles

We don’t live in a two-dimensional world, so your training shouldn’t be similarly limited.

Tactical Reload vs. Reload With Retention

Both accomplish the same task. Which one do you want to bet your life on?

Necessary Skills for New Shooters

After having had the desire to own a handgun for a long time, you finally...

Train Between Training

There’s no substitute for professional training, but there’s a lot you can do to keep...

Don't Just Stand There.

It is human nature that when something happens that is totally unexpected (Condition White) people...

Grip Safety

Ever wonder why the 1911 has a grip safety?

Taking Cover

Richard Mann and Sheriff Jim Wilson discuss taking cover as part of one's overall defensive...
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