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First Class

So, you're thinking about taking your first training class…

Tactical Solutions TSG-22 Conversion for Glock Pistols

Save money and pain when practicing with your Glock by using this rimfire conversion kit.

Unleaded Workout

Budgets and work schedules make it nearly impossible to find time—much less money—to send hundreds...

Safariland 1090 Gun-Quick Shoulder Holster

Polymer holsters are hardly new, but one that can accept multiple brands and sizes of...

Para Bellum

Are you prepared, gun-wise, for a societal breakdown?

Insider Strategy

Make the most of your practice time indoors by following a few simple guidelines.

Seeing is Surviving

Combining lights and lasers with low-light training is the best way to prepare for threats...

Pittman-Robertson at 75

As the calendar turns and a new year begins, hunters, conservationists and shooting enthusiasts are...

Choosing a Self-Defense Handgun That's Best For You and Your Disability (Part 2)

In the fifth installment this series on self-defense for those with disabilities, we take a...

Kimber Solo

Kimber takes center stage and delivers a stunning Solo, literally, with its latest pistol designed...

Precision Rifle Work

The greatest factor affecting the performance of your rifle could be your ability to harness...

Change Your Practice at the Range

Practicing against a static target at a known distance in bright light with your gun...

Bill Would Aid Public Shooting Ranges

A measure recently introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives is aimed at helping to...

Clearing an AR-15 Stoppage

If the unthinkable happens at the worst possible moment, do you know the drill?

Laser Training Devices for Better Practice

Are they gimmicks or gear good enough to improve your shooting?

Back to School

Forget the apple. If you're attending formal self-defense training, here's the gear you need to...

Individual First-Aid Kits

Throwing an individual first-aid kit into your shooting bag might save your life. Here are...

Pocket-Pistol Prowess

Practicing with that convenient-to-carry gun is a critical component in your self-defense strategy.

Why I Shoot IDPA

No need to buy a pile of special gear to shoot an IDPA match; just...

Cheap Shots

If you reload you're already saving money, but you can save even more.
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