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Skills Check: Shooting From a Table

Practicing from the holster is most efficient, but not always allowed on certain ranges. Here’s...

Dry-Fire Practice Tips for Defensive Shooters

With a safe and sensible approach, dry-fire practice can improve your technique and ensure you...

Skills Check: Testing Your Gun's Mechanical Offset

Think you know where your rifle is hitting at ranges closer than your 100-yard zero?...

Skills Check: Cleaning Your Concealed Carry Gun

Keep your concealed carry pistol clean and your skills sharp with this simple drill.

Skills Check: 7x7x7 Drill

The 7x7x7 Drill, inspired by SIG Sauer-sponsored shooter Max Michel, will teach you how fast...

Review: Ruger GP100 Revolver in .44 Special

Pairing Ruger’s popular medium-frame GP100 revolver with the .44 Special chambering from yesteryear is sure...

Skills Check: The 5-5-5 Drill

The 5-5-5 Drill is easy to set up—but difficult to master—and will sharpen your concealed-carry...

Skills Check: El Presidente Drill

Jeff Cooper's legendary El Presidente drill is a great way to build accuracy, power and...

Skills Check: Card-Cutting Drill

While the experts make it look easy, so-called “trick shots” are just that, but practicing...

Practicing Your Defensive Pistol Skills at Home

Gunsite Academy Instructor Ed Head walks through how to train easily at home.

Skills Check: Tips for Benchrest Shooting

Shooting a rifle off a bench is easy. Or is it?

Skills Check: Dummy Round Drills

Using inert dummy rounds can help promote greater confidence in many aspects of gun handling...

Skills Check: Playing Card Drill

Shooting exercises come in myriad types, so why shouldn’t your targets as well?

Skills Check: Building Your Skills With a Bullseye Target

Occasionally re-familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of marksmanship can make you a better shooter.

Skill Building: The Bane Drill

Discover if you and your personal-defense handgun are capable of precision accuracy beyond typical self-defense...

Skills Check: Gunsite 499 Drill

Learning how to run Gunsite’s 499 course drill can help you make the defensive grade...

Skills Check: Mix Up Your Shooting Drills

Varying your shooting exercises will help prepare you for the unexpected.

Shot Timers – The Time Of Your Life

Adding the element of speed to your training can make a critical difference.

Skills Check: The Dozier Drill

History shows neutralizing multiple threats at close range is possible, but only if you’re properly...

Skills Check: The 3-Second Drill

Practice your shooting fundamentals with this straightforward yet challenging drill.
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