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The Defensive Library

The Sheriff picks six top titles anyone concerned with armed self-defense should read.

The Combat Triad: A Training Tool For Personal Defense

Developing your skills in marksmanship, gun handling and combat mindset is the key to becoming...

Double-Barrel Self-Defense

Don't overlook the old coach gun as a viable modern self-defense option.

Home Invasions

One of the reasons home invasions are such a problem is that too few people...

Talking Double

Some defensive handgunning terms require further explanation. Such is the case with the double tap,...

Principles of Personal Defense

The must-have book for anyone interested in personal defense.

Combat Mindset

The combat mindset is as vital a part of self-defense as gun handling and marksmanship

Failure Drill

The origin of the saying "two to the body, one to the head..."

Life With the 1911

Some may disagree on the greatest pistol ever made, but life without a warhorse in...

Awareness (Part I)

In another installment in his series on self-defense for those with disabilities, Bob Boyd takes...

Deal with It

Learn how to deal with road-rage situations to avoid trouble, or prevail if trouble can't...

Remington R1

Returning to its handgun-manufacturing roots, Remington's R1 combines the company's craftsmanship with a classic version...

Savage Model 10 FCM Scout

A look through the Savage catalog reveals no less than 80-some bolt-action, centerfire rifle variations,...

Colt New Agent

A lack of sights might be the first thing you notice on this 1911 built...

Kimber Ultra Covert II

The Ultra Covert II is a product of the Kimber Custom Shop and is a...

Getting in to Practical Shooting

"Top Shot" contestant, blogger, radio host and competitive shooter Caleb Giddings gives advice on how...

Standing Watch: STI Sentinel Premier

STI's Sentinel Premier refuses to falter, even after being forced to digest 1,650 rounds.
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