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Why You Need a Personal-Defense Plan

Developing a personal-defense plan ahead of time will prevent mistakes, help you consider all options...

Practical Training: LMS Defense's Zero Distance Pistol Course

In the Zero Distance Pistol Course offered by LMS Defense, students are taught to deal...

Managing the Defensive Shotgun

When faced with a threat, a shotgun can be quite the equalizer, but only if...

Self-Defense Against Animals

Regardless of where you call home, there may come a time when you have to...

Medina, TX School: “We Protect Our Students”

A growing number of schools throughout the country are permitting qualified employees and staff to...

Extra Ammo

The only time you have too much ammo is when you have to move it...

Good Shooting Habits

Developing good habits for defense in training is vital for the armed citizen. These habits...

Competitive Shooting for Training and Fun

Tired of putting holes into paper at your local range? Here’s how to get into...

Force-on-Force Training

“The Force” may be with you, but in an armed encounter, what you really need...

How To Fix Shooting Low

What do you do when shots keep hitting well-below your aiming point?

The Second-Gun Advantage

A backup gun can become a life-saving primary.

The Pitfalls of Off-Body Carry

While it's certainly easier to carry a larger pistol in a bag or backpack, there...

Act Now!

In our society, the honest citizen is not the aggressor in a violent situation—that is,...

Armed Pharmacist Ends Robbery Threat

An armed citizen prevented an armed robbery of a pharmacy in Missouri.

The July Issue of Shooting Illustrated is All About Concealed Carry!

The July issue of Shooting Illustrated, on newsstands now, is chock-full of concealed-carry information.

Truck Guns

Keeping a rifle on hand in your vehicle for emergencies is a good idea.

Distance is Your Friend

In a self-defense situation, distance provides a way to escape without escalation, and it will...

Trauma Kit and Medical Plan

Being able to treat wounds is an important component of a smart self-defense plan.

How Much Ammo Should You Carry?

One reload may—or may not be—enough.

Body Armor

Donning body armor may be a lifesaving last line of defense in a home invasion.
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