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MasterPiece Arms Unveils 9300 SST-X Tactical Carbine

MasterPiece Arms, manufactures of the MPA Mac Line of semi-auto submachine pistols and carbines unveiled...

Lancer Systems Introduces New Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard

Lancer Systems introduced its Lightweight Carbon-Fiber Handguard (LCH) for AR pattern rifles.

MasterPiece Arms Defender Carbines Now California Compliant

MasterPiece Arms Defender Carbines features new magazine lock design fully meets and exceeds the State's...

Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Gallery

Rock River Arms takes AR development to the next level with its new LAR-PDS Carbine,...

Rock River Arms LAR-PDS Carbine

Rock River Arms takes AR development to the next level with this new carbine, a...

Charter Arms Launches Pitbull

The company claims it's the world's first .40-caliber rimless revolver.

Smith & Wesson Model 29

There are only a few firearms whose legendary status is derived from the fact they...

Herter's .401 Powermag

Though never as popular as the .357, .44 or even .41 Mag., the .401 Powermag...

Individual First-Aid Kits

Throwing an individual first-aid kit into your shooting bag might save your life. Here are...

Pocket-Pistol Prowess

Practicing with that convenient-to-carry gun is a critical component in your self-defense strategy.

Vehicular Carry

NRA Certified Instructor Tom Marx begins his series on concealed carry methods with a look...

Olympic Arms K8 Magnum Targetmatch

The AR-15 and the .223 Rem. cartridge are as indelibly linked as bread and butter....

Zeiss Compact Point

Zeiss' new Compact Point lives up to its name at just 2.31 inches long and...

Range Medicine

Practical first-aid steps that can save a life.

Cheap Handloads Tested

Here are several inexpensive reloads that acheive excellent accuracy.

Cheap Shots

If you reload you're already saving money, but you can save even more.

NRA Files Suit Against Unconstitutional Ban on Carrying Firearms for Self-Defense in Illinois

Lawsuit challenges the constitutionality of Illinois' total ban on firearm carry for self-defense outside the...

New Guns from Century International Arms

Century International Arms has a host of cool new firearms, with a major introduction in...

Stag Arms Model 3

This AR-15's rail system is versatile and comfortable, as is its price.

Century International Arms Centurion 39 Sporter Gallery

Imported AKs are a dime a dozen, but now we have a domestic Kalashnikov built...
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