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Mossberg MVP Patrol 7.62 Rifle

Mossberg’s latest addition to its MVP series of bolt-action rifles is capable of handling most...

Beretta Pico

Beretta’s new Pico might be small, but thanks to a modular design based on a...

Walther PPQ M2

Walther’s latest iteration of the polymer-frame PPQ provides an excellent platform for a home-defense or...

CRKT Heiho Folder

CRKT's Heiho folder brings a rock-solid James Williams-designed knife to your pocket.

Colt Mustang XSP

Colt revamps its .380 ACP pocket pistol to create the new polymer-frame Mustang XSP.

CRKT Shinbu

Is it a dagger or a short sword? Either way, this is one serious blade.

The Lever Alternative

The time-honored lever-action rifle, long the star of many a Hollywood cowboy movie, isn't just...

CRKT Otanashi noh Ken Review

If you need a samurai sword that fits in your pocket, CRKT's Otanashi noh Ken...

Rock Island Armory Reveals New Pistols

Rock Island Armory introduces two new 2011-style Tactical Compact handguns for 2014.

CRKT Otanashi noh Ken Folding Knife

Designed by James Williams at the request of SOCOM, the Otanashi noh Ken is one...

Battle of Belleau Wood, Remembered

Ever wonder how US Marines came to be known as Devil Dogs?

Ruger Announces Single-9 Revolver

Ruger introduced the Single-Nine, a nine-shot, single-action revolver chambered in .22 WMR.

Smith & Wesson VTACs

When first introduced to the Smith & Wesson M&P pistol a few years back, I...

25 Years of Glock

It has been an amazing quarter of a century for Glock, something even diehard 1911...

Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry Compact

This is not just another 1911.

Ruger Introduces the Single-Ten

The new gun is a 10-shot single-action revolver chambered in .22 LR.

Springfield's Multi-Caliber 1911

There are some good reasons for multi-caliber guns. High on the list is a shooter's...

Savage Model 10 FCM Scout

A look through the Savage catalog reveals no less than 80-some bolt-action, centerfire rifle variations,...

Ruger Mark lll Hunter

The Mark III Hunter is the latest version of the Ruger Standard Model pistol introduced...

Standing Watch: STI Sentinel Premier

STI's Sentinel Premier refuses to falter, even after being forced to digest 1,650 rounds.
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