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.38 Super +P Buffalo Bore 124-grain JHP

If you can handle the power, this load may be ideal for .38 Super fans.

.38 Super +P Wilson Combat 115-grain JHP

Find out how this lightning-fast load performs.

.38 Super +P Buffalo Bore 147-grain JHP

This hard-hitting load gives outstanding performance for self-defense, but expect a good dose of recoil.

9 mm ASYM Precision 115-grain Barnes TAC-XP HP

Here is yet another company loading Barnes' excellent TAC-XP HP bullets in defensive ammunition.

.22 WMR CCI 30-grain TNT

Does a round designed to hunt varmints perform well out of a pocket pistol for...

.45 ACP Federal 165-grain Guard Dog (EFMJ)

How does this lightweight .45 ACP load perform in 1911?

.22 WMR Speer 40-grain Gold Dot

After the introduction of the .17 HMR several years back, some ammo manufacturers finally got...

.40 S&W Buffalo Bore 140-grain Barnes TAC-XP

Buffalo Bore achieves blistering velocities, even in a standard-pressure load.

.380 ACP +P Buffalo Bore 80-grain Barnes TAC-XP

Buffalo Bore is one of the few manufacturers offering +P .380 ACP loads, and this...

9 mm +P Buffalo Bore 95-grain Barnes TAC-XP

Who said lightweight bullets could not deliver superlative terminal performance?

.45 ACP Wilson Combat 160-grain Barnes TAC-XP

The author's quest for an ideal carry load for his .45 ACP 1911 may be...

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy is the energy an object possesses due to its motion. With regard to...

Centurion Arms Mk18 Mod 1 Upper Receiver

This SBR upper receiver is as close as you can get to owning one of...

Rifle Dynamics Fine Tunes the WASR-10

The AK platform can be enhanced in both form and function at the hands of...

Making Ordnance Gelatin

Anyone who relies on a firearm for personal protection should be interested in terminal ballistics.

.380 ACP Buffalo Bore 90-grain JHP

Buffalo Bore ammunition built its fine reputation on loading what it calls "heavy" loads for...

.45 ACP American Eagle 230-grain FMJ

This load has survived 100 years and has taken American soldiers through every conflict since...

.45 ACP Federal 230-grain Hydra-Shok

The Federal Hydra-Shok 230-grain load for the .45 ACP cartridge is one of the most...

.380 ACP Winchester 85-grain Silvertip

The Winchester Silvertip bullet is legendary and remains a popular choice for personal defense in...

.45 ACP Wilson Combat 200-grain XTP HP

Here's a look at a Wilson Combat load that bridges the gap between 185- and...
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