How to Get the Best Accuracy with Shotgun Slugs

While shotgun slugs are devastating at close range, knowing the distance at which they become unpredictable is crucial if you rely on them for defense.

DDupleks Shotgun Slugs Available in the USA

DDupleks non-toxic shotgun slugs are sold in more than 30 countries, and the company is now establishing itself in the United States.

Little Big Stuff: Aguila MiniShells

Aguila manufactures a variety of buckshot, duplex and slug MiniShells that offer increased capacity and reduced recoil for greater control and comfort.

From 3-Gun to Home Defense

How can 3-gun benefit your home-defense plan? If you watch closely enough, you might get some solid ideas for preparation.

Body Armor

Donning body armor may be a lifesaving last line of defense in a home invasion.


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