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Mastering The Defensive Shotgun

Practicing on the clay range can help you improve your defensive shotgunning skills.

Accuracy Testing: Take 100 Shots

How much testing do you really need to get a feel for accuracy?

Charter Arms .44 Spl. Boomer Revolver

Charter’s .44 Spl. Boomer strips down to the essence of self-defense.

Windham Weaponry MCS Rifle

Having one firearm capable of safely firing many calibers can lead to a great expansion...

Best Sight for Shotguns?

Is the basic bead ideal? There are myriad options for shotgun sights today, but sometimes...

Lights, Sights and Lasers on Firearms

Mastering your gun-mounted devices can give you the tactical advantage.

Limited Edition Chris Kyle 1911 Legend Series TRP Pistol

Springfield Armory announces the release of 1,000 limited edition pistols.

Bullpup Rifles Are Here to Stay

Interesting novelties just a few years ago, bullpup rifles and shotguns have moved to the...

Interview with Kris Paronto

Kris “Tanto” Paronto, one of the heroes of the new film 13 Hours, discusses how...

.300 BLK Bolt-Action Rifle Review

Who says the .300 BLK is only for AR-15-pattern rifles?

Standard Manufacturing Co. LLC DP-12 Shotgun

Doesn’t every shotgun enthusiast want a double-barrel, pump-action shotgun?

SIG Sauer Releases SIG MPX Carbine in 9mm

SIG Sauer's MPX is now available to the consumer market as the semi-automatic SIG MPX...

Which Gun for Self-Defense?

People interested in getting their first defensive handgun may be a bit overcome when they...

Magpul Enhanced AR Magazine Release

If you've ever fumbled for the magazine release on your AR-15-style rifle, Magpul's Enhanced AR...

Bug Out Guns

When you are forced to hit the bricks, the guns you choose can help you...

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical L2 Flashlight

More options is always a good thing, and here's another inexpensive option for a powerful...

Springfield Armory to Give Away 25 Pistols for ‘Wild Wednesday’

Vote in head-to-head firearm poll for your chance to win one of 25 XD-S 4.0”...

LA Police Gear Operator Tactical L1 Flashlight

Three power settings and 800 lumens for under $50? Yes.

LA Police Gear Operator Mini EDC Flashlight

A 330 lumen flashlight for less than a box of (premium) ammo?

Brad Thor on AKs

Best-selling author Brad Thor explains why the AK and MP5, among other high-speed guns and...
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