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AR Vs. AK: Which is best?

It doesn’t matter which camp you belong to; Magpul has quality, affordable furniture for your...

Tactical Reload vs. Reload With Retention

Both accomplish the same task. Which one do you want to bet your life on?

Magpul Announces the Tejas Gun Belt "El Original"

“El Original” is the first belt in the Tejas Gun Belt line by Magpul.

Coonan Compact

Most guys in college spend their time arguing over girls, the best parties and who...

CrossBreed Holsters New "Crossover" Belt

CrossBreed Holsters introduces the new "Crossover Belt" with the Ares Aegis buckle.

Kimber Master Carry Pistols

Kimber’s latest series of 1911s offers an ideal selection for home defense and concealed carry....

Glock G43 9 mm

Slim and none. That prose describes, respectively, the width of the new Glock G43 and...

Galco Side Snap Scabbard for Smith & Wesson M&P

When you need to remove a holster, or put one on later in your day,...

What Women Want

Women are joining the ranks of shooters in ever-increasing numbers, but what can be done...

Body Armor

Donning body armor may be a lifesaving last line of defense in a home invasion.

La Femme Pavona

Many handguns marketed to women are merely an existing model painted pink. EAA has changed...

Magnum Research Offers 3 New Desert Eagle 1911 Models

Magnum Research now offers the company's popular Desert Eagle 1911 line in stainless steel.

Blackhawk Dress Pant

Blackhawk's Dress Pants are fashionable, fit in with most work environments and feature subtle options...

CrossBreed Holsters Gun Belt

Having a quality gun belt upon which to affix a suitable holster to carry your...

SOG Twitch XL NRA Edition

SOG's NRA-branded Twitch XL knife is a handy pocket companion fit for many duties.

The Sound of One Hand Shooting

While most of us train with our weak hands, how many have actually put some...

Go Figure

Only planning defensive measures when you're going to a "bad area" is like only wearing...

The Messages We Send

Criminals don't heed the expression "Don't judge a book by its cover" - they look...

Carry at the Office

If you're lucky enough to be legally permitted to carry a concealed firearm at work,...

TWN Industries Announces New Magpul Furniture Kits

New finishes available in A-TACS camo and other exciting colors.
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