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Building a Lightweight AR-15

So you don't have unlimited funds but still want a lightened AR-15? Here's a build...

Command Arms Accessories CD AR-15 Magazines

Wondering how much fodder is left in your magazine? CAA has a countdown indicator built...

Blackhawk Quickmod Pistol Magazine Case

Blackhawk's Quickmod Pistol Magazine case can hold most double-stack pistol magazines when you're training hard.

Mission First Tactical Polymer Magazine

Mission First Tactical has expanded the company's line of AR-15 accessories to include a 30-round...

AR DIY Time: Buttstocks

Looking to swap the fixed-stock on your AR-15-style rifle for an adjustable one? Take a...

Left-Handed AR-15 Round-Up

The AR-15 may be America's rifle, but left-handed shooters have traditionally had slimmer pickings. Oleg...

TAPCO Announces New Products for AR-15 and Mini-14 Platforms

TAPCO® is proud to announce the release of new products for the AR-15 and Mini-14...

Heckler & Koch MR556A1

This freedom fighter is a version of the terrorist-quashing HK416 that you can own.

Shotgun Springs

One of the least expensive shotgun parts is absolutely critical to reliability.

Alexander Arms .17 HMR

Semi-automatic rifles chambered in .17 HMR have a history of poor performance, but the latest...

Primary Weapons Systems PWS MK116 and PWS MK216

Primary Weapons Systems goes out of the box in AR design.

Clearing an AR-15 Stoppage

If the unthinkable happens at the worst possible moment, do you know the drill?

Building a Home-Defense AR Lower

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to build a custom, self-defense AR lower if you...

DPMS Hunter ARs

DPMS is one black-rifle manufacturer that has embraced the AR's new role, building variations of...
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