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Fightin' Iron: Style & Function in Early Semi-Auto Pistols

When it comes to combat, guns need only go bang and hit their mark; aesthetics...

Fightin' Dogs: Col. Rex Applegate and Deke

As with the sword and the shield, the bond between a soldier and a dog...

The Elusive 3-Inch: Recreating Colt's Combat Python

Occasionally, custom-made firearms are even more prized than their original variants. Here's how Wiley Clapp's...

Fightin' Iron: The Origin of Semi-Auto Tactical Rifles

The versatility commonly seen in today’s semi-automatic firearms used by SWAT teams and civilians alike...

Coefficient of Cool: Appearance & Aesthetics in Gun Design

When it comes to firearms, looks may not be everything, but they add something.

Fightin' Iron: The Marine Corps Ka-Bar Knife

Among U.S. Marines’ combat gear, the Ka-Bar is especially prized.
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