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New Rifles for 2017

A number of companies introduced brand-new rifles or updated existing lineups in 2017. Here are...

Review: LWRCI DI 5.56 Rifle

The DI 5.56 AR-15 is LWRCI's first entry into the direct-impingement market. We checked it...

Review: Accuracy International AX50 .50 BMG Rifle

The precise, powerful punch of Accuracy International’s AX50 .50 BMG rifle requires no interpretation.

Watch: Daniel Defense DDM4 V7S Rifle

Daniel Defense shortened up its DDM4 V7 rifle for 2017. Watch our video to learn...

Skills Check: Dummy Round Drills

Using inert dummy rounds can help promote greater confidence in many aspects of gun handling...

Review: Heckler & Koch SP5K Pistol

If you’ve wanted an MP5 variant to call your own, but wanted both an actual...

SBR Build: SIG SG 552 Commando Carbine

Assistant Editor Bob Boyd always dreamed of having a SIG SG 552 Commando Carbine. So,...

Pennsylvania Now Permitting Semi-Automatic Rifles for Hunting

Residents of Pennsylvania will now be able to use semi-automatic rifles for hunting.

Single-Stage vs. Double-Stage Triggers

Which is better for your shooting style: a single-stage trigger or a double-stage trigger? Steve...

Ergo Grips Pictool and Chamber Flag

In addition to its many AR accessories, Ergo Grips is selling chamber flags and its...

Mossberg MMR Carbine

Mossberg reintroduces—and upgrades—its AR-15 line. First up, the MMR Carbine.

TriStar KRX Tactical Shotgun

Looking for an AR-15-ish platform, but in the mighty 12 gauge? TriStar has just the...

NEMO Arms Omen Rifle

Long-range enthusiasts who prefer AR-style rifles have a .300 Win. Mag. option.

6.5 Grendel and 6.5 Creedmoor Cartridges

There has never been a better time to pick up a semi-automatic rifle in a...

Noreen Firearms Bad News Rifle

The latest offering from Noreen Firearms pairs the versatile AR platform with the long-range precision...

Wilson Combat Suppressors: WCR-22 Rimfire & Whisper Titanium

Wilson Combat's new lightweight suppressors have impressive noise reduction ability.

Left-Handed Rifles

For southpaws, we are living in a golden age of ambidextrous rifles and accessories.

Daniel Defense DD5V1 Rifle

Daniel Defense’s first .308 Win. AR boasts an array of desirable features in a lightweight...

Springfield/NRA M1A Match Celebrates 10th Year at Camp Perry

The Springfield/NRA M1A Match celebrates its 10th year at Camp Perry.

Lessons for the Ladies

Self-defense is not solely the responsibility of men, nor should it be.
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