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The Cornered Cat: A Woman's Guide to Concealed Carry

While the title may fool you into thinking this book is for women only, the...

Taurus "First 24" Emergency Kit

Taurus unveiled their "First 24" series, containing emergency gear vital to surviving a disaster of...

Federal Fresh Fire .22LR Ammunition

Federal's new Fresh Fire packaging for bulk .22 LR is custom-made for long-term storage, keeping...

Solio Xcellerator Battery Pack and Solar Charger

Make the sun work for you! The Solio Xcellerator solar panel captures energy from the...

Streamlight The Siege

Streamlight's new The Siege lantern is available as part of Brownells Emergency & Survival Gear...

A Plan That Worked

No plan survives first contact with the enemy, but it certainly beats not having a...

Bugging Out

Even if you think you may never need one, having a bag filled with supplies...

Holiday Safety

Staying alert and aware is taxing enough; around the holidays it can be nearly overwhelming....


Planning for self-defense goes beyond owning a firearm and knowing how to use it.


Part of your self-defense training should include rigorous physical activity. Being physically prepared might save...

Pre-Combat Inspections

Go through these steps often, and you will be better prepared to face a threat.

When Times Get Tough

While stocking up on guns and ammo, don't forget to have a good cache of...

The Big Picture

How ready are you for a natural or man-made disaster?

The Mental Trigger

We continue to express the importance of having a defensive plan.

Gone in 90 Seconds

When the stuff hits the fan and your family has to bug out, preparedness—and the...

Para Bellum

Are you prepared, gun-wise, for a societal breakdown?

Preparedness for Kids

Get your kids involved in disaster preparedness. It's fun for everyone and they can be...

QuickClot Home

U.S. military-approved hemostatic bandage a must-pack addition to a first-aid kit and disaster preparedness supplies.

Back to School

Forget the apple. If you're attending formal self-defense training, here's the gear you need to...

Range Medicine

Practical first-aid steps that can save a life.
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