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Night Sights, Lights and Lasers for Concealed-Carry Guns

When it comes to concealed-carry guns, users have a wide range of options for night...

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield: Easy Upgrade Guide

The Smith & Wesson M&P Shield is one of the more popular concealed-carry guns to...

First Look: Crimson Trace Laserguard for M&P45 Shield and Springfield XD Mod.2

Crimson Trace continues to expand its lineup of Laserguard products to cover a wide variety...

First Look: Firefield Barrage Riflescope Line

Firefield announced the launch of a brand-new family of riflescopes, including laser-equipped models.

SIRT Offers Trainer for Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols

The SIRT Training Pistol aims to provide complementary training for shooters.

Crimson Trace Launches Glock Laserguard Pro Models

A number of Crimson Trace Laserguard Pro lasers are now available for full-size and compact...

CRKT Introduces the Tecpatl Knife

The new Tecpatl knife from CRKT is designed to work with natural fighting movements.

Review: Leupold LTO Tracker Thermal Imager

Seeing in the dark now has a gold standard with the new Leupold LTO Tracker...

Laserex Technologies Introduces GLS-520 Green Laser Sight

Laserex Technologies, an Australian company, recently released its innovative Green Laser Sight.

Viridian Launches New LCP II Accessories

Owners of the new Ruger LCP II can now get laser and light accessories from...

Crimson Trace Offers Revolver Lasergrips

Manufacturers have come out with a number of new revolvers, and Crimson Trace has lasergrips...

Meprolight Updates MOR With Green Laser

Meprolight announced the addition of a green laser to its Mepro MOR optic.

Viridian Launches New Accessories for Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield

Viridian offers light and laser products for the M&P 45 Shield.

Firefield Heavy-Duty Green Laser Flashlight Foregrip

This two-in-one foregrip proves a stable support platform for any AR-style rifle while also providing...

10 Great Lasers for Your Concealed Carry Gun

Looking for an ideal laser attachment for your CCW pistol? Check out our roundup to...

Firefield Charge AR-15 Lasers

Firefield introduced an AR-15 laser and light/laser combo made for easy mounting on any AR-style...

Viridian Offers Lasers for Remington RM380

Viridian is offering red and green laser models for the Remington RM380.

Viridian Offers Light/Laser Accessories for Ruger LCP II

Owners of the new Ruger LCP II can find lights and lasers from Viridian.

Crimson Trace Green Laser & Holster for Springfield Armory XD-S

Crimson Trace sells a green laser with a BladeTech holster that fits Springfield Armory XD-S...

Crimson Trace Offers Laserless Revolver Grips

Crimson Trace opens a new chapter in the company's continuing product evolution history.
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