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Backing out Under Pressure

After roughing out the tangs, recontouring them and lapping the beavertail, at last you can...

Concealed-Carry Practice Session

When we go to the range, we tend to do what's fun or easy rather...

Bill Drill

The Bill Drill is one of the more common pistol training drills.

Insider Strategy

Make the most of your practice time indoors by following a few simple guidelines.

Lightning-Fast Loading

Most top 3-gun competitors will agree, being able to load a shotgun quickly can be...

Shotgun Drills

Practice these steps to become a better shotgunner, whether for self-defense or practical sport.

The 2x2x2 Drill

When faced with multiple threats, the temptation for panicked double-taps is great, but the 2x2x2...

The Truth About Practice and Drills

Here are some simple tips to make your shooting practice work better and improve your...

Tri-Lambda Drill

Some years ago, Kyle Lamb from Viking Tactics and Rob Leatham were shooting together when...

Precision Pistol

Pre-program your shooting skills before each training session.

Worst-Case Scenarios

Practice at the firing line is critical, but in a gunfight things go bad fast....

How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

As the likelihood of a small-scale act of terrorism continues to increase, SIG Sauer Academy's...

Standing Watch: STI Sentinel Premier

STI's Sentinel Premier refuses to falter, even after being forced to digest 1,650 rounds.
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